The particulars of its Organisation, functions and duties;

 Registered under the Companies Act, 1956, HPSIDC Limited is fully owned by the Govt. of  Himachal Pradesh with an authorised capital of Rs.50.00 crores and paid up capital of Rs.30.82 crores.  It is the major State Level Financial Institution and provides long term loans for industrial projects.

Functions & Duties:

The important functions and duties of HPSIDC are:-

  • Providing term loan assistance upto Rs.500.00 lacs to industrial ventures.
  • Undertaking sale of sick “taken over” industrial units on attractive terms.
  • Providing guidance/information regarding policies & procedures of Government on setting up of industries.
  • Providing “Escort services” of varied nature to entrepreneurs for such matters as securing  registrations/clearances etc. from statutory authorities.
  • Developing industrial infrastructure and undertaking all kinds of civil/ construction works.
  • Marketing of Bitumen & Steel.