The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability;

 The Corporation has the following Divisions which are headed by Senior Managers & Executive Engineer: - 

  1. Project Promotion Division.
  2. Recovery Division.
  3. Project Finance & Accounts Division.
  4. Legal Division.
  5. Administration Division.
  6. Engineering /Arch. Division.

 Procedure followed:- 

All letters are received by  the Private Secretary to the Managing  Director who after  marking the same to the concerned Head of Division send  to the   Diarist for    diarising /forwarding  to  the   respective   officer  under   proper receipt. 

The Head    of Division   then    mark   the   letters   to  his   next   subordinate officer/official  for processing  the same on the file.  The dealing Assistant then process the case on the concerned file, submit the same to the next officer.  The second line officers submit the  files to the Head of Division who then submits the  files to the Managing Director/Board  of  Directors for approval as the case may be. Cases involving financial matters are routed through the  Sr. Managers/Accounts Section. 

All policy decisions are taken by the M.D./Board of Directors.