Capt. J.M. Pathania, I.AS. 

Welcome to Himachal Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation Limited 

From the Desk of MD
For a speedy industrial development of the state, it is necessary to make effective strategies to improve the existing system of industrial management and geographical constraints of this hilly state. As on today, the industrial development is concentrated in few areas along the borders of Punjab and Haryana states being primarily plain areas owing to easy availability of raw materials and frequent and cheaper transport facilities strengthening the cost effectiveness of industrial activities in these areas resulting in underdevelopment of remaining parts of the state.

Greater attention is required in a balanced manner to develop the other areas of state by motivating the rural masses to set up small and medium industrial establishments which are need-based and demand driven suiting to the rural areas of the state by utilising local resources so that socio-economic status of rural population improves and a sense of self-sustaining mechanism is set in place to improve the employment opportunities at the door steps of our rural population by efficient use of available men and material.

We can achieve this aim if all of us realise that we are accountable and responsible to the system we are working. Let us work with a greater degree of sincerity and devotion with a motive to contribute our best to our state.
Jai Hind!